[B-Greek] Unsubscribe requests

B. D. Colt babc2 at attbi.com
Mon Jan 27 01:47:32 EST 2003

On 26 Jan 2003 at 23:23, Richard Ghilardi wrote:

> Dear Carl,
> Perhaps many list members are like me. I have the option to hide all
> headers turned on for my e-mailer. So I normally never see any
> headers. If I want to see a header for a particular e-mail, I have to
> turn that option on.
With Pegasus Mail 4 I do not normally see headers (other than the 
usual From, To, Subject, Date, Reply To).  If for some reason I need 
to look at the headers, I select the tab 'Raw View.'  This will show 
me all that stuff that comes before the message, including all your 
URL's, but unfortunately they are not clickable.  For that they would 
need to be placed at the end of the message as they were before.

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