[B-Greek] United Bible Society 4th edi. and Nestle Aland 27th Edi.

Steven Lo Vullo slovullo at mac.com
Sun Jan 26 23:09:43 EST 2003

On Sunday, January 26, 2003, at 10:03 PM, Richard Ghilardi wrote:

> Dear Dun,
> NA27 has one more word in I Cor 6:3 as compared to UBS4. NA27 has MHTI 
> GE
> while UBS4 has MHTIGE. LoVullo pointed this out in a recent post where
> one of his questions concerned the possible difference in meaning that 
> a
> space in the middle of this word might entail. Alas, none of his
> questions were ever addressed on the list! And I certainly don't know 
> any
> of the answers. Where the other discrepency might I cannot say.

At least **someone** was paying attention out there! :-)
Steven R. Lo Vullo
Madison, WI

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