[B-Greek] United Bible Society 4th edi. and Nestle Aland 27th Edi.

DunamisTheou at aol.com DunamisTheou at aol.com
Sun Jan 26 22:29:33 EST 2003

       I was wondering what two words the Nestle Aland 27th edi. has more 
than the United Bible Society 4th edi.  The NA 27 has 138020 and UBS 4th edi. 
has 138018 (this information is from BibleWorks 5.0, made by Hermeneutica).  
Does the two extra words affect the meaning of that verse(s), or its grammer? 
 Any help will be appreciated.  Also, since this email does not necessarily 
major much on grammer of Greek, we probably shouldn't make this a long 
discussion :)

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