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Dear friends,

Greeting to all of you from Athens, Greece

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Finally, as I mentioned in my previous email,  for English speaking people,
there used to be  a wonderful introducing Biblical Hebrew Grammar book and a
second one for advanced Hebrew learning people of MENAHEM MANSOOR - BAKER
PUBLISHING HOUSE - USA. A great variety of exercises, reviews, vocabularies,
a great grammatical and syntactical analysis of the first chapters of
GENESIS. I have found both of the books very interesting years ago although
I am not an English speaking person. I do not know if they are out of stock,

This would appear to still be available

Biblical Hebrew Step by Step cassette tape 1
 by Mansoor, Menahem
CASSETTE; ISBN: 0-8010-6074-5; ($12.99 - list price) $9.74 (new)

Biblical Hebrew Step by Step, v. 1, 2d ed.
 by Mansoor, Menahem
PAPERBACK; ISBN: 0-8010-6041-9; ($24.99 - list price) $18.74 (new)

Biblical Hebrew Step by Step, v. 2, 3d ed.: Readings from the Book of
 by Mansoor, Menahem
PAPERBACK; ISBN: 0-8010-6151-2; ($23.99 - list price) $17.99 (new)

      Key to Biblical Hebrew Step by Step, v.1
 by Mansoor, Menahem
PAPERBACK; ISBN: 0-8010-6100-8; ($10.99 - list price) $8.24 (new)

Their website is http://www.bakerbookretail.com/default.asp


Nice to hear that.

Does anyone of you know if the well famous Hebrew Lexicons of Avraam Even
Shoshan are available on CD (either for windows based machines - PCs or
Macintosh)? I cannot locate a relevant web site.

By the way does someone of you know which Biblical software is more
appropriate for:
1.     Greek speaking people,
2.     Hebrew speaking people,
3.     English speaking people and
4.     French speaking people.

By the www.mazenta.gr is available an Ancient - Classical Greek to Greek
Lexicon (software and printed edition) that I have been using for both the
Koine and Ancient - Classical Greek. A bigger one, that of DIMITRIS
DIMITRAKOS (15 volumes) is available only in printed edition.  It refers to
all the time period of the Greek language. Hopefully there will be a
relevant software in the near future. Softwares save time, we all know that,
and everyone is short of time nowadays.

Best wishes to all of you

Spyropoulos Constandinos

Athens, Greece

spyrcon at otenet.gr

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