[B-greek] Re: Proposed FAQ/Info page for MailMan bg site

Jonathan Robie jonathan.robie at datadirect-technologies.com
Sun Jan 26 06:54:31 EST 2003

Hi Carl, Carlton,

It looks like ibiblio did their part, and it is time for me to do mine. I 
just sent a test post to b-greek at lists.ibiblio.org, and it arrived.

I think I should send a post to both b-greek lists announcing the 
changeover, and asking people to send posts to the new server in the 
future. I also would like to do an edit on the page you wrote - but we 
still need a page at the location of our current B-Greek home page, if only 
to trigger indexing of the archives by external search engines like Google, 
an important way to let people find B-Greek.

More comments below.

At 02:06 PM 1/25/2003 -0500, Carl W. Conrad wrote:
>Although we tentatively approved Thursday, Jan 23 for migration from the
>Lyris software and site to the new Mailman site, nothing happened. I don't
>know whether this is something we were supposed to do and didn't or what.
>Nevertheless I've been toying with the pages already set up for B-Greek
>using the MailMan software. One thing I've done is mark four individual
>members for permanent moderation: Jim West, Ted Mann, Harry Smith, and Bill
>Ross (who evidently re-joined but hasn't tried to post since we expelled
>him--he was just expelled form another list ("bibexegesis") for repeatedly
>posting false statements about Greek grammar). There are a couple others
>who repeatedly post theological stuff and I think probably ought to have
>the same status: one with e-address "DunamisTheou at aol.com" and another
>"translate at biblesociety.co.za" as well as "Jonathan B. Ferguson "
><Kjvonly16 at aol.com>. There are several people that I put on moderation
>because they kept sending in MIME/HTML messages, but my understanding is
>that we can avoid that problem altogether by fixing the setting in the
>Mailman software to convert such messages into plain-text ASCII and strip
>the HTML formatting from multi-part messages.


>Oh, there are some other strange and questionable? addresses on our
>membership list; I've wondered whether some of them may be spam-harvesting
>items, but I don't know--funny and rather unsavory stuff; these people
>didn't post real names in the required slot in the Lyris personal settings
>for members:
>Blowjob_movie-eiumtr at juno.com
>broadcast-manager at kompascyber.com
>feedback at popcorn.co.uk
>Georgie at bennett5.freeserve.co.uk
>raggedrelease at hotmail.com
>TuesdayFun at quickinspirations.com

OK, I sent them a name.

>Finally a big item. The list info page for B-Greek at the new site is:

But the actual address will change to:

This should be treated as a subscription page, like the old subscribe page.

>I've attempted to recompose that page incorporating our FAQ in a revised
>format to reflect the new software options; assuming that we don't have the
>MIME/HTML problem, about 1/3 of the existing FAQ could be jettisoned--the
>stuff about how to fix one's mail-program for plain-text ASCII. I've not
>added anything new, only changed the informational parts to refer to the
>new site and its usage.
>I'm attaching hereto an HTML source file in IE format that you should be
>able to look at in any browser and assess. This, or some such page COULD be
>substituted for the existing list-info page at the above URL.

The content is good, but I do think we want two pages, to separate the 
subscription page from the main page, and to trigger Google indexing.

>Another matter is the archives. Evidently all new messages will be archived
>automatically in a searchable archive such as has already been set up for
>B-Hebrew and going back several years. I guess we could at least archive
>the remainder of the messages from Lyris to the existing archive and that
>might be easier to do than incorporating all the archives into a single
>site. I'm for the least labor it takes to make everything accessible

I think we can probably put *all* the messages in archives. This will take 
a little time on my part. At first, let's have old archives and new 
archives, where the new archives are everything in Lyris and Mailman. That 
part can be done automagically.


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