Septuagint keyed to Strong's

Tom Whittemore tom_whittemore at
Fri Jan 24 02:04:27 EST 2003

Wow!  What an awesome site...only one minor problem...I was 
overwhelmed!!  I tried to search the archives but couldn't find what I 

First off, I know about the Online Bible and the SWORD Project and their 
offerings.  However, I am looking for an .rtf format file of the 
Septuagint that is keyed to the Strong's Numbers.  I have searched the 
web with little or no success!  All I can find is (basically) copies or 
adulterations of the Online Bible's version (but Larry Pierce is VERY 
picky about using HIS copyright material!  And rightly so I guess.) and 
that is incomplete and of questionable accuracy.  The Blue Letter Bible 
version also appears to be incomplete.

I am just a serious student of the Word and I would like to obtain a 
complete, correct Septuagint with Strong's numbers (with accents if 
possible!).  Gee, I'm not greedy, am I?  Since the LXX was created about 
270 B.C., I don't comprehend how it can be copyright material!  Or 
maybe, I'm just a naive old Canadian fool!

Please, if any one out there can help me, I would greatly appreciated. 
 Thanks, in advance.  I am so impressed that I shall return often.

Yours, in His Holy Name,

Tom W.

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