John 1.. "with God" or "with the God"

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Fri Jan 24 02:36:46 EST 2003

Steven Avery

You ask a question concerning the use of an article with "QEOS".  A couple of 
points to recognize in this question:

1. QEOS is ambiguous because it is also a common noun, however in a 
monotheistc context it usually becomes a proper noun.

2.  The article has greater meaning in Greek than it does in English.  In 
Greek it may also speak to the identity of a person or thing.

3. The article is used frequently with proper names, not just with QEOS when 
used as a name.

I think that a name without the article speaks to the nature of the 
person/thing named; with the article it usually speaks to his/her/its 

In John 1:1 we see both used:

hO LOGOS hHN PROS TON QEON  the word was with [the one who is] God
QEOS hHN hO LOGOS                    the word was [of the nature of] God

(or for Yoda: "God, the word was.")

This is my reading of this verse, others may take issue with it but it is 
consistant with the teaching throughout the NT concerning the person of 

Dale Greenlee

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