Matthew 23:8, 10

Greg Miller greg at
Thu Jan 23 23:24:29 EST 2003


I have a question regarding the use of KAQHGHTHS (Kathegetes, I hope I
spelled it out right). In Stephen's TR this word is used 3 times. Once in
v8, and twice in v10. In W/H the occurance in v8 is different - it is
DIDASKALOS, but in v10 it is the same.

I have considerable information in lexicons and the such to shed light as to
the meaning of DIDASKALOS, but I have very little information on KAQHGHTHS,
other than it basically means teacher.

My question is what is the difference between DIDASKALOS and KAQHGHTHS? My
feeling is that there must be a specific reason that KAQHGHTHS is used in
these verses rather than DIDASKALOS, as KAQHGHTHS is found nowhere else in
the New Testament. Is anyone able to shed some light on this issue?

Thanks in advance,
Greg Miller

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