D Jongkind dj214 at
Wed Jan 22 05:54:49 EST 2003

John 19:3

NRSV 'they kept coming up to him'

HRCONTO taken as the imperfect of ERCOMAI. But is it possible to see it as
the imperfect of ARCOMAI (ARCW)?
Possible problems I see is that the imperfect does not seem to fit the
meaning of ARCOMAI (to start), and the actual translation in this context is
not clear (though I would go for something like 'to start' > 'to have a go
at'; though rather unattested).
My Gramcord parsing gives 9 occurances of the imperfect of ARCOMAI in the
LXX, but it seems to me that all 9 do come from ERCOMAI. Do we have any
convincing arguments in koine-Greek of the imperfect of ARCOMAI?

Dirk Jongkind

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