John 17:17 - EN TH ALHQEIA

Anthony Forsyth anthony at
Tue Jan 21 06:47:46 EST 2003

Dear All,

I am struggling with the phrase EN TH ALHQEIA in John 17:17.  Is this
usage of EN to be considered as means or sphere?  Is it possible that
both are meant, particularly given the "elasticity" of EN?   I am
finding it hard as John clearly didn't feel the need to expand on this
to his audience, yet means & sphere seem , to me, to be very valid and
regular uses of EN.  This is why I wonder about a "double" meaning
(particularly from John).   Wallace (GGBB p374) suggests a possible
"double" of means & sphere for EN in Mark 1:8.

I had always understood this verse as being means, but the NET Bible
which I preach from goes for sphere.  As I am preaching on this passage
next week, input would be appreciated!  (Please can replies also be sent
directly to me at: anthony at off list as I only
get the daily digest and am often a few days behind in  my reading).


Anthony Forsyth
Pastor, Calvary Bible Church, Medway, England
anthony at

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