A tip on the alphabet

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> For learning the alphabet, I've found nothing better than a children's book
> called _The Little Greek Alphabet Book_ (by Ennis Rees, ill. George Salter;
> Prentice-Hall, 1968).  I first ran across it in my college library, and
> since have located it through a used-book service on the Internet.  Each
> letter has a humorous illustration and a short rhyme that usually gives a
> nugget of information about the letter's shape, sound, or place in the Greek
> alphabet.  For example, I never learned "zeta eta theta" until I read:
> "Theta, it seems, is what Zeta ate; or so the rhyme says, at any rate."
> My young daughter learned the Greek alphabet with it, too...

The joke I always heard was:

Why does Theta fear Zeta?  Because Zeta eta Theta...

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