diagrams of Romans and 1 Corinthians 1-5

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Great work diagramming!  Thanks for making this available.  

I was looking at Romans 1:5 and was wondering why you chose to place EN TOIS
EQNESIN and hUPER TOU ONOMATOS AUTOU as modifying the other object of the
preposition ("obedience of faith") rather than as adverbially modifying the
verb ELABOMEN?  

This raises querstions about how to represent more than one
grammatical/interpretive option within your Greek diagramming method (or any
for that matter)?  I havn't studied other portions of your diagramming, but
I would imagine that many interpretive decisions needed to be made, and I
wonder how did you indicate that in your diagramming?


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> >> Dear Moon and others who may be interested,
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> >> I have come up with a solution for getting the diagrams to PC users. I
> >> converted the files to PDF format and zipped the folder for easier
> >> download. You can get the zip file at
> >> <http://homepage.mac.com/slovullo/>.
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> > Thanks so much, Steven!
> >
> > I didn't dare attempt to encourage you to go to the trouble for me, or
> > other PC users, but I'm happy you did!  :-)
> No problem, David. I also wanted to mention that if anyone has any 
> questions about the diagramming symbols and what they mean, or any 
> other questions, they may feel free to contact me.
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> Steven R. Lo Vullo
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