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Sun Jan 19 10:49:36 EST 2003

At 9:48 AM -0500 1/19/03, George F. Somsel wrote:
>I wrote:
>> > Sirs:
>> >
>> > This has been an interesting discussion on the creed, and
>>enlightening.  Out
>> > of curiosity, is there a place I can get a copy of the whole document for
>> > study?  I would appreciate knowing where I could easily download a copy if
>> > possible.
>> >
>> > Dale Greenlee
>> I assume you mean in Greek.  I have been searching for for precisely this.
>>  I sincerely dislike working from a transcription since it puts one at the
>> mercy of the accuracy of transcription.  Thus far I have not found a copy,
>> but I do have a request out for assistance.
>> gfsomsel
>I found that I have had the Creed on my computer the whole time.  It was
>in Schaff.  I didn't expect he would have the Greek.  I have put it into
>HTML and uploaded it to my website.  You will need a unicode font
>supporting polytonic Greek to view it properly.

This appears to be identical with (perhaps ultimately derived from--or both
derived from a common source?) the text at the site I found earlier this

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