MH PAROINON - correcting my wrong expectation

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> Goerge originally said:
> > > It was also the practice of the early church which has been carried
> > forward
> > > in the Eucharist as anyone who has partaken of the Eucharist in the
> > > Anglican Communion (and presumably the Roman Catholic) is aware for
> > > wine is mixed with water.
> To which From: Iver Larsen <iver_larsen at>  responded:
> > That sections of the church in Anglophone countries have this
> > tradition does
> > not mean that such was the tradition of the early church. This is a
> > recent cultural tradition, I believe.

Dear Iver,

The mixing of wine and water is the consistent practice in Orthodox
communities during the preparation of the gifts before Divine Liturgy.  The
prayers make reference to the pouring of blood and water from the side of
our Lord as they are added to the chalice.  The prayer and practice in the
current form date from the 9th century.  I could research the preparatory
rites development if the time of introduction of the mixing of water and
wine is of interest to you.   Just contact me off-list.

Steve Puluka
Masters Student SS Cyril & Methodius Seminary, Pittsburgh
Cantor in the Carpatho-Rusyn tradition

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