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At 5:48 AM -0500 1/19/03, George F. Somsel wrote:
>> Sirs:
>> This has been an interesting discussion on the creed, and enlightening.  Out
>> of curiosity, is there a place I can get a copy of the whole document for
>> study?  I would appreciate knowing where I could easily download a copy if
>> possible.
>> Dale Greenlee
>I assume you mean in Greek.  I have been searching for for precisely this.
> I sincerely dislike working from a transcription since it puts one at the
>mercy of the accuracy of transcription.  Thus far I have not found a copy,
>but I do have a request out for assistance.

Try: <>; the accenting is not
complete but the text is perfectly legible. In two facing columns are the
Symbolum Nicaenum of 325 A.D. and the "Received Text of the Greek Church"
(Greek text from the Acts of the First Council of Constantinople and in The
Acts of the Council of Chalcedon).

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