diagrams of Romans and 1 Corinthians 1-5

Steven R. Lo Vullo slovullo at mac.com
Sat Jan 18 19:37:44 EST 2003

On Saturday, January 18, 2003, at 06:27 PM, Moon-Ryul Jung wrote:

> Hi, Steve:
> The file is in *.sit format. I am not familiar to this file format.
> What is it and how can I view it?
> Moon
> Sogang Univ, Seoul, Korea

Sorry, Moon. I should have mentioned that the files are Accordance 
files and can only be used with Accordance. The .sit files are 
"stuffed" files in a format that can be "unstuffed" on the Mac. If you 
are interested in any particular diagrams, I can easily convert them to 
.pdf format, which can be viewed with Acrobat Reader on either Mac or 

Steven R. Lo Vullo
Madison, WI

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