FW: A tip on the alphabet

Susan Jeffers susan at read-the-bible.org
Sat Jan 18 17:37:24 EST 2003

I have a page that my students used to learn to sound out NT Greek words 
using Erasmian pronunciation (with the merest hint of a Texas drawl...!): 

I also have some phrases and short sentences at

and a couple of longer passages at

Unfortunately, I was experimenting with both the Galilee and the 
TekniaGreek fonts when I put these pages up, so you should probably 
download and install both!  ---

And of course you need a sound card and suitable software to hear the 

The sound files take awhile to download, but you can save them on your 
computer and play them back to reinforce your pronunciation....

Charis umin, kai eirene!

Susan Jeffers

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