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On 18 Jan 2003 at 22:11, Iver Larsen wrote:

> That sections of the church in Anglophone countries have this
> tradition does not mean that such was the tradition of the early
> church. This is a fairly recent cultural tradition, I believe. In the
> Lutheran church in Denmark which I am most familiar with, they have
> always used wine, but I expect the Lutheran churches in the US would
> normally use fruit juice rather than wine. I would expect the same to
> be the case for the Catholic church, that is, in the US and UK many
> would probably use fruit juice, but you can be sure that the Catholic
> churches in Continental Europe use wine. I was shocked the first time
> I attended a communion service in the UK, and they did not use wine.
> It was neither Anglican nor Catholic, just British.

I'd be amazed to hear of any RC church in the US or anywhere else 
using anything other than wine.  Conceivably, in a dire emergency, 
some individual priest might try such a thing, but he'd probably 
catch it if his bishop got wind of it.  Anglicans aren't quite so 
docile and obedient as Romans, and some darned fool somewhere is 
likely to have tried pretzels and Coca Cola or something else weird, 
but I really doubt that any parish in the US has ever made a practice 
of using juice.  The bishop would surely put his foot down.  I can't 
speak for Lutheran churches in the US as I have no experience of 

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