Bibleworks - New Years Sale

Wieland Willker willker at
Sat Jan 18 15:31:17 EST 2003

This is a must for every serious student of the Bible:

 BibleWorks 5.0 (single user)
  $269 Sale!**

 Upgrade from BibleWorks 4.x
  $99 Sale!**

 Upgrade from BibleWorks 1.x/2.x/3.x
  $119 Sale!**

(**sale ends 3/31/2003)

 BDAG 3rd Ed. Module for BibleWorks 5

 HALOT 4th Ed. Module for BibleWorks 5

 HALOT & BDAG Modules package deal

I consider this program to be the best currently available tool for
Bible research purposes.
This is no advertisement!

Best wishes
Wieland Willker, Bremen, Germany
mailto:willker at

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