Hieronymous project

Alex / Ali alexali at surf.net.au
Sat Jan 18 09:39:44 EST 2003

In reference to the Hieronymous project, Paul Zellmer asked,

>The project is calls for a user id, and there are no indications on how new
>users can get this.  Any help in this area?

I went to the site mentioned in the post which Carl forwarded for Richard
Goodrich (www.hieronymous.org) and simply typed my initials into the ID box.
This worked fine.

It caught my eye because Richard's post said,

>I only have material from one textbook available (Betts and Henry's Teach
Yourself Ancient Greek).

Profs Alan Henry and Gavin Betts were my first teachers at Monash
University, so imagine these are the authors referred to;  Henry was from St
Andrews, where the Hieronymous project is based.  Both were fine teachers.


Alex Hopkins
Melbourne, Australia

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