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Fri Jan 17 17:37:48 EST 2003

Denny Diehl here

with a question concerning the requirements of
a bishop (1 Tim 3:3) and a deacon (1 Tim 3:8).

First, MH PAROINON is variously translated
sometimes to parallel MH OINWi POLLWi
PROSEXONTAS and sometimes different from it.

The KJV has
	:3  Not given to wine
	:8  Not given to much wine

The NASB has
	:3  Not addicted to wine
	:8  Not addicted to much wine

The NIV has
	:3  Not given to drunkenness
	:8  Not indulging in much wine

just variously stated?  Or is there a slight difference in
meaning?  What really sounds strange to me is the NASB's
"not addicted to wine" and "not addicted to much wine."
It seems to me, addiction is addiction.

Is there any evidence for MH PAROINON to be taken to
be a directive to stay completely away from wine, as Timothy
was doing (1 Tim 5:23) except for Paul's instruction for him
to use a little for the sake of his stomach?  That, to me, would
make sense, bishops stay completely away from wine, deacons
do not use much wine?  What say you?

Of course, I recognize wine in the first century as that mentioned
in 2 Macc 15:39.

Thank you.

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