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Brent Hudson brent at
Fri Jan 17 12:31:11 EST 2003

I don't know when it will be completed and Logos isn't saying.  I personally don't expect to see it before June and perhaps not till August.  It is a massive undertaking even with the base text provided by Oxford.  

Brent Hudson


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On 1/17/2003  Jeffrey B. Gibson wrote:

>Brent Hudson wrote:
>> For PC users, the 9th edition of L&S has reacently been moved into
>production as a fully searchable digital book by Libronix (makers of Logos
>Digital Library Software).  The supplement will be integrated into the
>main text.  You will now be able to carry around the full L&S on a
>notebook computer (which is a substantial weight reduction!).  I'm picking
>it up so I can zoom the text and read it without eyestrain.  The
>pre-publication price is $99.95 and will go back up to $135 once the book
>is completed and ready for shipping.  You can read the details at:
>When is this expected to be accomplished?
>Jeffrey Gibson
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