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My wife pointed out to me that the letters of the Greek alphabet fit well
into the song "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star", which I used to help my
beginning Greek students learn the names:

"Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Delta,
Epsilon, Dzeta, Eta, Theta,
Iota, Kappa, Lambda, Mu,
Nu, Xi, Omicron, Pi,
Rho, Sigma, Tau, Upsilon,
Phi, Chi, Psi, Omega"

It also has the advantage of grouping together two "triplets" that rhyme,
i.e. "Dzeta, Eta, Theta" and "Phi, Chi, Psi".

Bill Gardner

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on 1/16/03 2:25 PM, Roe at d.roe at t-online.de wrote:

> neal massey schrieb:
>> I am just trying to learn the basics in Greek.  Do you
>> have any tips?  I'm just now working on learning the
>> alphabet.  I do enjoy lurking out here and admire yall
>> for your knowledge in the Greek.  I hope someday to be
>> able to be able to ask an intelligent question.  Any
>> help you may be able to offer would be apreciated.
>Neal and List,
    Sounds like you have had good ideas for once you are beyond the
alphabet.  As for now, my suggestions are...
~ Don't just think of the Greek alphabet in comparison to the English or
another alphabet.  Let it stand on it's own as a repertoire of sounds.
~ Try taking this necessarily wrote issue in rhythmical pieces, such as
groupings of three. ALPHA BETA GAMMA - DELTA EPSILON ZETA - etc...
~ Once you have the slightest mastery of the alphabet, grab a Greek NT and
start reading phonetically (by sound) passages you know well in English,
even if you have know vocabulary or grammar under your belt.  The
opportunity to just pronounce the sounds (and recognize an occasional AGAPH)
will help you more than you know, even at this stage when you cannot
translate or understand the Greek text.

Those are my thoughts.

Brian P. Swedburg
Student (Final semester!!)

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