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> The price is great, but Readers' Reviews/comments at indicate
> that the typeset/offset printing in this edition leaves much to be desired
> in many places, and because of its use of Latin, etc., in some of the
> definitions, as well as its unwieldiness, the Intermediate or Abridged L&S
> or LSJ are much better for the needs of beginning Greek students, as they
> themselves found, as these also provide helpful irregular verb entries,
> etc.

I have a story, not quite list material, but I think you'll enjoy it.  I ended
up getting the complete LSJ for less 25% than the price of the intermediate way
back in the last century when I was in college.  I wanted the intermediate for
precisely the reasons mentioned above.  A deacon in our church was a purchaser
for a now defunct mail order book reseller, and could get any books for personal
use at an additional 25% discount, so he volunteered to order me a copy.

Well, that entire semester (taking two advanced Greek courses, so I really
needed it), it never came.  They sent a note: "temporarily unavailable, on back
order."  2 semesters later, in my senior year, the deacon called and said he was
dropping off my package.  Well, better late than never!  When he dropped the
package off, it was suspiciously large.  Inside was the complete work, with a
note: "Intermediate LSJ still unvailable, please accept this with our

Headed off to grad school in Classics, I was one happy camper.  This was the
sort of thing that always happened to other people...  :)

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