LSJ on sale

Eric S. Weiss eweiss at
Fri Jan 17 10:29:28 EST 2003

The price is great, but Readers' Reviews/comments at indicate
that the typeset/offset printing in this edition leaves much to be desired
in many places, and because of its use of Latin, etc., in some of the
definitions, as well as its unwieldiness, the Intermediate or Abridged L&S
or LSJ are much better for the needs of beginning Greek students, as they
themselves found, as these also provide helpful irregular verb entries,

I am all Koine, and have not taken a class in Classical Greek. I have the
new BDAG, which I understand has greatly extended the lexical knowledge
past BAGD so that perhaps some of the CL. Greek knowledge in LSJ (9) might
be reflected in BDAG.

I could spend $65 on LSJ (9) and not miss the money, but it seems that at
my level of Greek knowledge, I don't need it and likely would have very
little use for it, and that if I have to check Cl. Greek words, the
Intermediate or Abridged editions (even though they're based on LS 8)
would suffice, in conjunction with BDAG.

So ... can you give me some good reasons why, despite the concensus of the
readers/users/Greek students at, I should buy this volume for
my library?


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