greek - english database???

Toby Anderson kjvonly21 at
Thu Jan 16 17:54:28 EST 2003

Greetings brothers and sisters!

I'm trying to locate a database file or files of the bible in the
Microsoft Access or Excel or even CSV format or even just a text
file/files. I'm hoping the New Testament is in it in english, and next to
each word is the greek strong's root word.

Does anybody know if such a thing exists?

I am a Visual Basic programmer, and I wish to do some number crunching,
and sorting, of the New Testament greek.

The idea is that each greek letter has a corresponding number, hence,
adding up the number of each letter produces a total number that
represents the word. For instance, in Acts 1, it says that Judas was
numbered with the 12 apostles...., then there is the number of the beast.

May Jesus bless us lively stones,

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