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Roe d.roe at
Thu Jan 16 17:25:14 EST 2003

neal massey schrieb:

> I am just trying to learn the basics in Greek.  Do you
> have any tips?  I'm just now working on learning the
> alphabet.  I do enjoy lurking out here and admire yall
> for your knowledge in the Greek.  I hope someday to be
> able to be able to ask an intelligent question.  Any
> help you may be able to offer would be apreciated.

Hi Neal,

I assume you are learning on your own, like I am. I've been looking at
Greek on and off now for a few years, and I invite you to learn from my

Don't ONLY dig into the grammars to learn about specific questions.
Instead, also WORK THROUGH a grammar or a few to get the basics down. If
you're learning on your own, a grammar with an ANSWER KEY is helpful. Four
I have are:

HEWLETT's -- Walmart has the grammar for about $12.50

Key for $1.76

WENHAM's grammar (used for $5.00),215505

Wenham grammar (new for $9.90)

Wenham Key (new for roughly US$5.80 from Canada)

Wenham Key used for $4.95 at

WHITTAKER's (used $12.50 with Key) -- found via Bookfinder

The Smith and Melluish "Teach Yourself series" book on Classical Greek has
an answer key appended to the back of the book. You can find a few of
these for around $5 by searching for "melluish"
as author... Note, this is a CLASSICAL Greek grammar. Still, classical
Greek is helpful alongside or prior to a study of Koine Greek, according
to an occasional post on B-Greek.

The above links are the lowest prices I know. I use Bookfinder (lists some
new book offers) for used books:
(But check as well, which paradoxically is searched through
AddAll's "new book" search [below].)

AddAll for new books: 
(But NOTE: AddAll does not search, for example,
who often has lowest price IF they stock what you want.)

And of course... first, the Desire to learn, and then Diligence to stick
with it. Without desire, you'll probably end up fighting an endless battle
against lack of diligence. But with desire, you won't need diligence...
unless you desire other things more. Yada yada...

Hope you do well!


D.W. Roe 
Rheinland-Pfalz, Germany

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