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At 9:53 AM -0500 1/16/03, David&Karen Beaulieu wrote:
>Dear B-Greek,
>In Matthew 4:18-22, scripture identifies Andrew, Peter, James and John as
>fishermen (or fishers) translated from the word HALIEUS, which comes
>directly from the HALS, the word for salt.  Was there any other word used at
>the time to identify fishermen, one that might actually have included the
>term "fish"?  Or is the term used in scripture the one most commonly used at
>the time it was recorded?

Just typing in "fisherman" in the proper slot on the "All-in-one search
page" at the UKy Classics site--allows areverse hunt for English words
within definitions in LSJ and L&S:
<http://www.uky.edu/ArtsSciences/Classics/lexindex.html>. I found the
following Greek words in LSJ all give the sense "fisherman"--I've glossed
some of them

QALASSOURGOS ("sea-farmer")
hALITUPOS ("brine/sea-striker")
EPAKTHR ("in-bringer")
ENUGROQHREUTHS ("water-hunter")
hORMIATONOS ("hook-stretcher")
ICQUOQHRAS ("fish-hunter")
KURTOBOLOS ("line-caster")
LIMNOURGOS ("lake-farmer")
AMFIBOLEUS ("net-caster")
QALASSEUS ("seaman")
DIKTUBOLOS ("net-caster")
SAGHNOBOLOS ("dragnet-caster")
hUDROQHRAS ("water-hunter")

but hALIEUS does appear to be the only word for "fisherman" used in the GNT.

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