Learning Koine and Classical Greek

Paul E. Baronowsky pbaronow at sigecom.net
Wed Jan 15 14:39:45 EST 2003

On Wed, 15 Jan 2003 11:13:22 -0500, J. K. Henry wrote:

>Is there a C-Greek or A-Greek mailing list that I could check out for the
>same kind of great reading I get here at B-Greek?

This is not a direct answer to your question, but you might be
interested in either of these two Greek self-study groups:

For Classical (Attic) Greek
Text: Greek: An Intensive Course, Hansen and Quinn
For information on the Classical Greek group, go to:

For Biblical Greek:
Text: Basics of Biblical Greek, Mounce
For information on the Biblical Greek group, go to:

The classical group has been going for a while, but it has two

the Resumers: they had reached Chapter 11 in H&Q about a year ago
before the moderator (at that time) had to put the group on hold; the
Resumers, who started at the beginning again on September 29, 2002,
but went faster this time, are on Chapter 8 in H&Q now.

the Starters: they started at the beginning in October, 2002, and are
proceeding more slowly; I can't tell you what Chapter the Starters are
working on now, because I'm in the Resumer's group.

The Biblical Greek group is just starting; the first assignment is due
Saturday morning, January 25.

Participants in each of these groups send assignments to the group
moderator, who then prepares a collation and sends it to
greek at lists.colorado.edu, 

To subscribe to that Greek email list, send email to
listproc at lists.colorado.edu with the command
"subscribe greek YourFirstName YourLastName"
in the body of the message.

FWIW, my personal opinion: I have been a 'Little Greek Hobbyist' (and
a lurker on this B-GREEK list) for a small number of years. I have
found that my being a member of the Classical Greek self-study group
has helped me improve my understanding of Biblical Greek quite a bit.

Best Wishes,

Paul E. Baronowsky
Evansville, Indiana
pbaronow at sigecom.net

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