Second on-line supplement to the Bibliographical Repertoire of Greek Lexicography, RBLG

Daniel Riaño danielrr at
Wed Jan 15 06:25:30 EST 2003

                       INTRODUCING THE SECOND ON-LINE
                             SUPPLEMENT TO THE RBLG

I am pleased to announce the second on-line supplement to the 
Repertorio Bibliografico de la Lexicografia Griega (=Bibliographical 
Repertoire of Greek Lexicography, RBLG), that can be freely accessed 
at  the DGE web page <>.

The printed volume of DGE'S RBLG (Madrid 1998) was divided in four 
sections: 1.) A catalogue of indexes, lexica, and concordances to 
Greek authors and texts; 2.) A bibliography of papers and books 
pertaining to Greek lexicography, lexicology and semantics, 
alphabetically arranged by the author's names; 3.) A bibliography of 
Greek Lexicography, ordered by the Greek lemmatised words (34,000 
lemmata); and 4.) A short index of some of the lexicographic studies 
included in section (2).

This new Supplement adds many new materials and references to 
sections 1-2-3, mostly coming from journals and books published 
during the period 1996-2002:

	Section 1: 283 new entries added to the catalogue.
	Section 2: 832 new bibliographic references to journal papers 
and books.
	Section 3: 13,850 new bibliographic references pertaining to 
10,165 different lemmata.

All this material may be freely accessed at the DGE page 
<> and can be downloaded 
either as a HTML document or as PDF files. At 
<> you will find more 
information about the RBLG volume and its first supplement, as well 
as PDF samples of each section of the printed volume. Please visit 
<> for more information about 
the DGE Project and its related publications (In Spanish, English and 

If you are aware of any journal article, book, or any paper that 
might be of relevance for the RBLG and you would like to see it 
included there, please contact Juan Rodríguez Somolinos 
<somolinos at> or write by surface mail to the DGE at the 
address that can be found at the DGE web page. Please do not hesitate 
to send to the same electronic address <somolinos at> any 
report concerning the malfunctioning of the RBLG Supplement web page 
or its files.

Daniel Riaño Rufilanchas
danielrr at
Departamento de Estudios Grecolatinos
Instituto de Filología, CSIC, Madrid

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