Learning Koine and Classical Greek

Carl W. Conrad cwconrad at artsci.wustl.edu
Tue Jan 14 19:43:49 EST 2003

At 5:02 PM -0600 1/14/03, Josh Henry wrote:
>This is my first post.  I hope this question is acceptable.  I am an
>early beginner Koine Greek Student.  I am teaching myself.  I also
>want to learn Classical Greek.  From an educational standpoint what
>would be some wise recommendations about which to learn first.  Would
>it be ok to learn them simultaneously?  My deepest interest is
>definitely Koine but I do want to learn both.

You CAN start with either, but from my own experience of having first
learned Koine and then Homeric and finally Classical Attic, my advice would
be to start with Classical Attic; it is in many ways a more complex
language than the Koine, although it is true that some constructions in
Koine may seem more complex than their Attic equivalents. I think the
transition from Attic to Koine is easier than the other way, but it can be
done. Certainly one's understanding of Greek is, or at least I think so,
enhanced by an appreciation of the fact that the language is fluid and
changing,that the language is alive and growing and transforming itself as
are the people who spoke and wrote it.

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