HN in John 1.1a

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> Just to second Barry's point in perhaps even stronger terms:
> When a biblical text evokes from us a question about whether it means what
> it doesn't actually say, we should, in my opinion, hesitate to ask that
> question,on grounds that what comes to mind may more likely be idle
> speculations rather than anything the Biblical writer MAY have meant; I
> think we ought to assume that if the Biblical writer didn't answer the
> question that WE want to ask, then the Biblical writer probably did not
> intend for us to ask that question. So in this instance, John 1:1 is
> immensely suggestive but also concise in the extreme, indicating only the
> co-evality of Logos and any beginning that is of concern to humanity: more
> than that it does not state.

And to support Prof. Carl's point supporting my point... (!).  As Moises Silva
used to tell us, if you spot a clever exegetical point that everyone else seems
to have missed, then probably the original author never intended it to be

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