[b-Greek] EPHESIANS 1.4,5

Esteban Otero oterofamily4 at msn.com
Tue Jan 14 06:51:47 EST 2003

Mr. Long,

Thank you for the response to my questions. I will check into the parallel
references you have given. However, part of my question was in regards to
verse 5 as well, your discussion seemed to focus on verse 4 only. I am
curious about the relationship between the hHMAS in PROORISAS hHMAS and
the hHMAS in EXELEXATO hHMAS. I understood you to be saying that the hHMAS
of the infinitive clause was emphatic, which I can see. I apologize if I
misread you.
In regards to taking EN AUTW as "for Himself", here are a few more reasons
1) It is possibile that what is printed as AUTW might be hAUTW
2) Two manuscripts, F(010) and G(012) both dating to the IX cen., have
EAUTW instead, implying that this was understood atleast by some to
possibly be taken as hAUTW
3) Robertson discusses the "original and continued" reflexive nature of
AUTOS. He even mentions the use of the reflexive pronoun emphasizing the
personal interest of the Middle voice (pp.680-688, 690-691).
Just some thoughts in the morning hours.

Esteban Otero
Tampa, FL

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