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>In John 6:18, is hH an article or a relative pronoun. In my Bible it is 
>written with an accent but I don't know how to make sense of it as an 
>relative pronoun. Can someone help me out?

It is an article, with an acute accent on it -- so where, you ask, does the 
accent come from?
 From the second word -- TE -- of which, BTW, there are only 3 occurrences 
in John -- so you were unlucky, so to speak <g>.
TE is termed an "enclitic", and its accent has been thrown back on the 
previous word.

If you would like to go to the Perseus web-site, and go to the on-line copy 
of Smyth's Greek Grammar, you will find all you want on the topic of 
enclitics and what they do to accents at sections 181 ff.

Go to:,00001
and in the "Go To" box enter 181 and hit Enter. That will take you straight 
to the relevant section.

BTW, Brown, in his commentary on John (Anchor Bible ) remarks that here TE 
is a "strong connective".

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