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>Is there any difference between ANASTATIS NEKRWN (Acts 23:6) and
>EKANASTASIS EK NEKRWN (Phil 3.11)? One may be translated as
>"resurrection of the dead", and the other as "resurrection from
>among the dead". The second implies selection from among the dead.
>I noticed that some authors think "resurrection from among the dead"
>is equivalent to "resurrection of the just" (in contrast to
>"resurrection of the unjust"), and to "better resurrection" (KREITTNOS
>ANASTASEWS), Heb 11.35) which the old saints tried to attain.
>Is this conclusion lingistically or grammatically justified?

I think the difference in the form of expression here simply focuses upon
two different concepts. 

1. ANASTASIS NEKRWN = the resurrection of those who are dead
2.  EKANASTASIS EK NEKRWN = the resurrection from [the house of] the dead

This would indicate a concept of an abode such as Sheol/Hades where the
dead would reside.


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