The Septuagint in Context

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Just came across this one at Brill:

The Septuagint in Context
Introduction to the Greek Version of the Bible
Natalio Fernández Marcos. Translated by Wilfred G.E. Watson
Publication year: 2001
xvi, 394 pp.
ISBN 0 391 04109 6
List price EUR 34.95 / US$ 34.95

The Septuagint, the first translation or as Fernández Marcos points
out, a collection of translations of the Hebrew Scriptures into Greek
figures prominently in both the history of Second Temple Judaism and
early Christianity. In this second, revised edition of the successful
Spanish translation, Natalio Fernández Marcos introduces readers to
the origin of the Septuagint in its earliest versions (Aquila,
Theodotian, and Symmachus) and traces the fundamental issues
associated with Septuagint studies. This volume will certainly stand
alongside classics in the field such as H. B. Swete´s Introduction to
the Old Testament in Greek (1914), and to S. Jellicoe´s The Septuagint
in Modern Study (1968). A well-rounded study, The Septuagint in
Context affords readers insight into a variety of questions associated
with the Septuagint, such as: What´s the relationship among the
variety of versions? What was the Septuagint´s role in the religion of
Hellenistic Judaism? What is the connection between the Septuagint and
the New Testament? What is Lucian´s recension? What can the Septuagint
tell us about the authority of sacred texts for those who used it?
What import does the Septuagint have for text critical studies? For
anyone trying to stay in touch with the inner worlds of Hellenistic
Judaism and the New Testament, Septuagint in Context affords an
indispensable connection.

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