Attached files: please DON'T send them to the list

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At 7:21 AM -0500 1/10/03, Barry Hofstetter wrote:
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>> New list-members  probably aren't accustomed to our procedures on B-Greek;
>> we ask list-members please NOT to send ATTACHED FILES to the list as they
>> will not go into the archives but appear as gobbledygook both in the
>> version posted on our web-site which and in the digest sent out at the end
>> of each day to those who receive the digest.
>That's interesting -- I received Manie's file attachment as a proper file
>Will this issue be addressed in the software upgrade, or is it intentional on
>the part of the listowners to strip file attachments (I certainly don't
>mind --
>cuts down on the possibility of viruses).

I'm not sure whether the MailMan list software to which we'll be migrating
before the end of this month handles attachments correctly or not, but I
rather think that Jonathan and Carlton and I will want to maintain the
policy of rejecting HTML/MIME formatting and attached files. The attached
file yesterday did indeed open up readily in MSWD for me, but it showed up
as gobbledygook in the web-site's version (which I deleted from the
archive) and would have shown up the same way in the digest for Jan. 10.

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