Q: Re: Pronunciation of the Greek diphthong "ei" and (vs.) the Greek letter "eta"

Translation Officer - Bible Society of South Africa translate at biblesociety.co.za
Fri Jan 10 05:15:55 EST 2003

Dear Andrew

> I don't know what kind of examples are given in North America for H, but
> learned here to use a long version of the vowel most Americans use in the
> word "bat".  This is similar to the German "a mit umlaut" and the
> Norwegian/Danish ae (stuck together).

This is similar to the system we use, as I explained in my earlier posting.
Even if it sounds awkward to speakers of Modern Greek, I think a system that
allows for a distinct pronunciation for every vowel/diphthong greatly helps
students in memorising the spelling of words.

Manie van den Heever

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