UBS4 at Amazon

Eric S. Weiss eweiss at
Thu Jan 9 10:17:23 EST 2003

I had thought that ordering directly from the American Bible Society was
the cheapest source for UBS4, N-A, etc.

But sells UBS4 with Greek-English dictionary for 30% off retail
-- i.e., $30.79 vs. $43.99 list ABS price (ISBN matches ABS, so it must be
same book).

Amazon also shows it's published by Augsburg Fortress Press. At the
Augsburg Web site, they sell it for 20% off list price -- i.e., $35.19
(same price as Barnes & Noble), as well as 20% off the other
maroon-covered ABS scholarly Greek resources (e.g., textual commentary;

I know prices on N-A 27 have gone up considerably (i.e., to $69.99
retail). Amazon also sells it for 30% off (i.e., 48.99):

and they have 4 copies of the older N-A 27 printing still at $27.99
($39.99 retail).

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