Pronounciation of PNEUMA

Trevor & Julie Peterson 06peterson at
Wed Jan 8 16:56:52 EST 2003

Ted wrote:

> Would it be possible or practical to organize an international congress or
> committee for the purpose of developing a unified system of pronunciation
> that could be accepted by most biblical language scholars and teachers?

No. It's not just Greek that has this problem. Hebrew scholars face the same
issue, even though Israelis produce a significant amount of the relevant
scholarship, much of it in Modern Hebrew, so that Modern Hebrew is becoming
more and more important for scholars in the field. You still have the same
basic options that you have in Greek--modern, ancient, or scholarly. There
are some variants on these, of course (for instance, one reconstruction
based on Attic and one on Koine), but the arguments can be divided roughly
into these categories. The problem is not that no one can find an acceptable
standard. The problem is that there are good arguments for the various
methods, and everyone has a preference.

Trevor Peterson

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