Revelation 1:8, Alpha

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Wed Jan 8 16:33:17 EST 2003

Dear B-greekers,
Thanks for the responses.  I believe I'm starting to get the picture!  Your
comments have led me to a few, interesting articles on-line.  The book Carl
Conrad recommended looks to be interesting reading as well.
Thanks again.
           Karen W. Beaulieu

> > Thanks, Trevor.  I guess I never really connected a specific picture to
> > letter.  Is any of the original sense of the pictures retained in the
> > letters now in Greek, or at the time of the NT writing?   When the Lord
> > "ALPHA" would the further sense of "ox" or "leader" have been conveyed,
> > would it have been more of a symbolic capturing of a simple (or surface)
> > to Z" type of metaphor?
> Rather the latter.  John's readers would no more have thought of ox or
> than you do of the Greek words "alpha-beta" when you hear or read the
> word "alphabet" or you think of the meaning "in fashion" when you ask for
> dessert "a la mode..."  That, of course, is not to deny the richness of
> imagery expressed in Revelation, but that richness is derived in the
> placement conceptually and contextually.
> N.E. Barry Hofstetter
> Fecisti nos ad te et inquietum est cor nostrum, donec requiescat in te...
>     -- Augustine, Confessions 1:1
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