Revelation 1:8, Alpha

David&Karen Beaulieu DKKC at
Wed Jan 8 11:49:38 EST 2003

I have been studying Revelation 1:8 and looking specifically at the word
"Alpha."  Interestingly, the OED traces the origin of the word to the
Phoenician "aleph," which originally came from a heiroglyph of an ox's head.
I have not seen this history elsewhere, and wondered if you had any further
information regarding the origins and meaning of the word "alpha."  Does the
heiroglyph pre-date the alphabetic letter itself (if that makes sense...)? I
didn't see a similar kind of history for the word "omega."  Are there
similar histories for other Greek letters of the alphabet?  I wonder if
there are articles of interest that might discuss this as well.
                                      Karen W. Beaulieu

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