Vocabulary Memorization

Robert E. Wermuth robertewermuth at worldnet.att.net
Wed Jan 8 12:15:51 EST 2003

Remember Pavlov and his salivating dog. Pavlov rang a bell each time the
dog was fed (salivating all the while...the dog, that is). Eventually, all
Pavlov had to do was ring the bell and the dog would salivate. I believe
this principle of "conditioning" works when it comes to memorizing Greek
vocabulary too. Even in an age of high tech, computerized software, there
may still be some great value (don't freak out) in making your own
vocabulary cards (at least for the 475+ most frequently occuring NT
words), using the following "self-conditioning" approach:

First, on the front side of a card, make a horizontal line and hand write
the vocab. word (in its lexical form). (It's a great idea also to "rate"
the importance of knowing the word by noting in parentheses its frequency
of NT occurence; it's also a good idea to put the definite article
following nouns and adjectival vocab. words.

Next, on the back of the card, again make a horizontal line and again hand
write the word, putting its English translation underneath the line. (Turn
the card back over to the front side).

Look at and pronounce the word to yourself (or whoever may be willling to
listen :)  ). What do you see under the line? (A.: Nothing).  Turn the
card over; now what do you the under the line? (A.: the word's meaning).
Do this over and over. (Put the cards on a ring and carry them with you).

yourself up, then treat yourself to something special as a reward for
knowing so many Greek vocab words!)

It's "Greek to me," too...
Robert Wermuth
robertewermuth at worldnet.att.net

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