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Carl W. Conrad cwconrad at
Wed Jan 8 06:46:02 EST 2003

At 11:11 PM -0600 1/7/03, Steven Lo Vullo wrote:
>On Tuesday, January 7, 2003, at 09:01 PM, Matthew R. Miller wrote:
>> I must have repeated my question. Sorry! I got a message saying
>> something
>> about "Subscribe Failed" and thought my question did not get through.
>> Sorry about that!
>I get that message along with another every time I post. Not sure why
>it continues to happen.

I suspect that ALL who have sent messages to the list in the last few weeks
get that "Subscribe Failed" notice each time--I know I have received them
and simply delete them. I'm also getting truncated digests now as others
have complained recently about getting. We hope these increasing glitches
in the Lyris software will be eliminated when we switch over later this
month to MailMan list software--but of course we may discover some new and
different ones. Can't tell what these loos-flowing electronic discharges
are capable of ...

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