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Penner wrote:

> > What is considered "easier Greek" in the LXX (the LXX
> > equivalent of 1John)?
> > What LXX material is suggested for different types of
> > reading? Is poetic material as hard in LXX as it is in Hebrew?
> I think you hit the nail on the head. The "difficulty" of LXX
> translation Greek largely depends on whether it is poetry or prose.

This suggests, however, that the GREEK translation is poetry. The  greater difficulty
you refer to, it seems to me, stems from the fact that the source text is poetry.
Since poetry tends to be more difficult to translate than prose, the end result tends
to be more difficult to read, even when poetry is rendered as prose.
Al Pietersma

> As
> you might expect, narrative prose is the easiest, and as for Job ...
> even the translator(s) didn't always understand the text. Of course,
> those (deuterocanonical) books of the LXX which were originally composed
> in Greek are an entirely different level of difficulty. Here's my own
> ranking of a few LXX texts:
> Genesis/Ruth/Judges
> Deuteronomy
> Jonah
> Psalms
> Isaiah
> Jeremiah
> Job
> Esther additions
> 2 Maccabees
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