Josephus Antiquities 1:2:34

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Sorry about the previous post.  Mea culpa, mea maxima...

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> In the online edition of the Greek text of Antiquities the word
> Physiolegein occurs. In Whinstons translation translated as "talk
> philosophically". Since this makes very little sense to me (and the
> library is closed due to the holidays) could anyone take a look in a
> critical edition of the text and see if there are any variant readings or
> make any comment that could enlighten me on this subject.

PHUSIOLOGEW?  LSJ glosses as "discourse on nature, investigate natural causes
and phenomena...explain from natural principles."

The translation "talk philosophically" might work in 1:34 as a kind of dynamic
equivalency, but "explain the origins of" (or some such) works even better...

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