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>I've had good results in the past year by reading parallel verse-by-verse
>in Greek and English.  First I make the best attempt I can at reading the
>verse in Greek.  Then I check the English to see how close I got.  Then I
>re-read the verse in Greek and often I find that it jumps into focus like
>one of those stereoscopic pictures.
>I've got a Greek/English New Testament with the Greek on one page and the
>RSV on the facing page.  The verses are even lined up as closely on the
>page as reasonably possible.  This makes for a lot less book juggling and
>page flipping than with separate volumes.
>In a year of doing this every day I've progressed from painstaking
>back-and-forth as described above to pretty much being able to just read
>the Greek, with an occasional peek at the English to clear something up.
>Once you work up to a chapter a day, you'll have the whole New Testament
>read in less than a year.  How about that for a goal!  If I can do it,
>anybody can!

Whatever works for you in this regard is good (providing you have a correct
understanding of the passage once you finish).  I wonder though whether
your progress has much to do with your method or simply with the fact that
you regularly read Greek.  I think one cannot help but improve if he simply
sets aside time each day to read.


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