Accent of A-Declension (corr. URL)

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I am re-sending this with the corrected URLs:

At 8:52 PM -0500 1/1/03, Albert Pietersma wrote:
>Actually you might find it useful to go one step farther back than Carl
>has gone,
>namely to -ASWN (cf. Latin -arum), since that ties the phenomenon into a
>based phonological rule in Greek, namely, the loss of intervocalic sigma.
>For a set
>of basic rules please feel free to check my webpage at
> Then go to Course
>Material/Handouts/ #12

For what it's worth, my own compendium of ancient Greek phonology is
available as a 13-page PDF document at: docs/CompPhon.pdf

or Docs/CompPhon.pdf


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