Condition of the first class

Alex / Ali alexali at
Thu Jan 2 13:17:32 EST 2003

Ray Angus wrote

>I would like to hear your thoughts upon the word if as used in Col. 1:23

and Paul Dixon responded,

>The first class conditional assumes something to be so for the sake of
argument.  That is all.  It says nothing more.  Nothing less.

>It does not say that the condition itself is true, just that it is being
assumed to be so.

Ray might be interested in 'The Myth about the Meaning of First Class
Conditions in Greek', by Dan Wallace; it can be viewed at  I think Paul's response above
could be well used as a succinct summary of Wallace's article.  (I know also
of, but have not properly read, 'Second Thoughts on First and Third Class
Conditions: Some Exegetical Distinctions' by Jeff Miller at

Alex Hopkins
Melbourne, Australia

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