Condition of the first class

Ray Angus rayangus at
Thu Jan 2 11:11:45 EST 2003

Dear all, I am new to this list.  I would like to hear your thoughts upon
the word if as used in Col. 1:23
Thank you, Ray Angus

Inflection: Morphology: CS Conjunction Subordinating  


Dictionary entry: if; whether; that; if only, surely; since ,  who(ever),
what(ever);  since, if it is true that  if indeed

RWP"Col 1:23 - If so be that ye continue in the faith (ei ge epimenete
tēi pistei). Condition of the first class (determined as fulfilled), with
a touch of eagerness in the use of ge (at least). Epi adds to the force of
the linear action of the present tense (continue and then some). "

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